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[stripe name=”Friendbanc online” description=”Friendbanc shirt” amount=”2000″ billing=”true”shipping=”true”]


Friendbanc  shirt – $1.00

[stripe name=”Friendbanc online” description=”Friendbanc hat” amount=”100″ billing=”true”shipping=”true”]

img_20161110_221427Friendbanc hat – $15

.[stripe name=”Friendbanc online” description=”Bluetooth hat” amount=”2000″ billing=”true”shipping=”true”]


Bluetooth earphone benie-hat –  $20

*  A great Christmas gift!

* Order  today!

[stripe name=”Friendbanc online” description=”Friendbanc watch” amount=”12000″ billing=”true”shipping=”true”]


Smart watch – $120

…Android device with wifi Internet surfing capability,

…fitness  tracker and dial/ answer

[stripe name=”Friendbanc online” description=”Racing Motorcycle” amount=”199900″ billing=”true”shipping=”true”]


150 cc X Racer ATV Motorcycle (New) – $1999

*An amazing motorcyle for a great price

* 4 stroke engine, gas/diesel

[stripe name=”Friendbanc online” description=”smart watch” amount=”3999″ billing=”true”shipping=”true”]


Bluetooth smartwatch with SIM – $39.99

* Messaging, call/answer, sleep monitor, camera

* Access facebook, whatsapp, twitter, Android based

[stripe name=”Friendbanc online” description=”e-bike” amount=”100000″ billing=”true”shipping=”true”]



1000W e-bike- $1000 (New)

***Pls post you color choice/your email in ‘ebike ‘ chat room

Motor: 1000 W motor, brushless

Max speed: 50km/h

Load capacity: 396lb

Battery capcity: 60V, Lithium 12Ah

Tires: Wide, tubeless, 18*9.5 inches

Wheel base: 1256mm

Prouct size: 1756*750*700mm

Packgage wt: 60kg

Available colors: Red, yellow, green, black, pink…

All orders include fron lights and mirrors…

Order today!! Discount price ends 10/15/16…

[stripe name="Friendbanc online" description="power bank 3/1" amount="9900" billing="true" shipping="true"]


3 in 1 – $99

8000 mAh capacity

lamp, speaker, and power bank all in one.

[stripe name="Friendbanc online" description="Lightening shoes" amount="4000"

billing="true" shipping="true"]

img_20161003_230331Lightening Classics – $40

*Post your request details in ‘lightening classics’ chat room with your email address

Classic design courtesy of friendbanc fashion! Place your order today!

[stripe name="Friendbanc online" description="Smart TV" amount="130000"

billing="true" shipping="true"]


105 inch full HD 3D smart LED TV – $1300

* Enjoy a HUGE screen!

[stripe name="Friendbanc online" description="bluetooth headphone" amount="3999" billing="true" shipping="true"]


Bluetooth headphone – $39.99

A perfect Christmas gift! Place your order today

comes in 4 colors, gold, blue, black and pink!

[stripe name="Friendbanc fashion" description="LED shoe lace" amount="1000" billing="true" shipping="true"]


LED shoe laces –  $10.00

…So you can be visible at night!

…Great for night time runners!

…Courtesy of friendbanc fashion…